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We're a Bristol based holding company that's focused on building and invesing in technology businesses.


Our Businesses

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Are you looking for new investments?

Yes, we're always looking for new opportunities. We are focused on early-stage technology or technology enabled businesses.

How do you pick what companies you invest in?

We typically make investments in companies we already know or have worked with through either Morrow or AppLaunch. If you are working on something you think we really need to know about then you can email us (info@oddventures.uk), but please don't be offended if we don't get back to you.

I have a great idea for an app but no money, would you build it for me in exchange for euqity?

No. Ideas are easy. Bringing ideas to life is the hard part.

What's the best way to contact you?

We prefer written communication so you can either email us or send us a letter.

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